Suffolk Regiment Officers Helmet Plate

Victorian 1878 Blue Cloth Home Service Pattern, Suffolk Regiment Officers Helmet Plate.

A fine example of the 1878 pattern Suffolk regiment officers helmet plate. A Victoria crowned eight pointed star mounted with a laurel wreath and Garter. To the centre, on a deep black velvet ground is a castle and key surmounted by a white metal scroll inscribe ‘Gibraltar’. To the base of the castle is another scroll inscribed ‘Montis Insignia Calpe’. A tri-part white metal scroll at the base of the wreath carries the regiments name. ‘The Suffolk Regiment‘. A truly fine Suffolk regiment officers helmet plate, worthy of any collection. There are three fixing loops to the reverse.

The Suffolk Regiment: was formed in 1685. when King James II ordered the Duke of Norfolk to raise a regiment against the threatened Monmouth Rebellion. This Regiment included men from Norfolk and Suffolk and incorporated a company at Windsor Castle. The company at Windsor Castle had origins dating back to 1660. and had seen active service in Virginia in 1676. The connection with Norfolk remained strong and nearly 100. years later a Colonel of the Regiment wrote that “we considered Norfolk to be our county”. In 1782. the title of ‘East Suffolk’ was added to the numerical title of the Xllth Foot for recruiting purposes. Norfolk had already been allotted to other regiments. In 1784. in an article in the Ipswich Journal, the Colonel of the Regiment asked the people of Suffolk for “their countenance and protection in favour of a corps. with some degree of reputation”. Initially, the Regiment had often depended on the Suffolk Militia for recruits and had maintained recruiting parties in the County. These links were formally recognised with the Cardwell reforms of 1873. Cambridgeshire was added to the recruiting area and, most importantly, the Depot of the Regiment was established at Bury St Edmunds where the barracks to house the Depot was built in 1878. In 1881. the title of the Regiment became The Suffolk Regiment with The West Suffolk Militia and The Cambridgeshire Militia becoming the 3rd. and 4th. Battalions respectively. By the end of the century, 90% of the men came from Suffolk. suffolk regiment officers helmet plate.

Very Good Condition. a really nice Suffolk regiment officers helmet plate.

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