Staffordshire Yeomanry Officers Shako

Victorian, Mid 19th Century Undress Staffordshire Yeomanry Officers Shako.

An exceedingly rare Victorian undress example of an officers shako, with flat patent leather peak and a two inch band of dark blue melton cloth around the shako’s base. To the front is a large Staffordshire knot badge in silver embroidery “slightly dulled”. Red melton cloth upper and crown with dark blue piping to the welt and back seam. The internal is with a brown quilted silk lining and green underside peak. This type of shako is mentioned in David Knight’s book on Yeomanry Undress uniform as being recorded by Hawkes circa 1860 and appearing in a group photograph dated 1861. It seems to have been replaced almost immediately by a pillbox cap, making this Staffordshire Yeomanry Officers Shako a very rare item indeed.
Size: 6 3/4 UK. Size: 6 7/8 US. Size: 55cm.

Staffordshire Yeomanry: on July the 4th of the year 1794 a meeting was called by the then, Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire to consider the establishment of a local volunteer force to defend the county in the event of an invasion by the French. This eventuality was considered by many throughout Great Britain to be inevitable and imminent, there was great fear of the intentions of the anti-monarchist revolutionary government of France. In Staffordshire, the major part of the new force established in response to this threat, was at first named “The Staffordshire Regiment of Gentlemen and Yeomanry”, a part-time cavalry unit numbering around 300 or so men. Many counties created similar yeomanry regiments of their own at around the same time. Its members were volunteers, enrolled for the internal defence and security of the realm. They received no pay, except when the regiment was assembled for training, or was called out to perform their duty. One of their more significant regulations was that each man should turn out for exercise, mounted on a serviceable horse not less than fourteen and a half hands high. staffordshire yeomanry officers shako.

Good Condition. this Staffordshire yeomanry officers shako has some stitching faults, mainly to the silk lining, a few small moth nips and some light tracking plus a small mark on the back, as seen on the images.

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