Rifle Regiment Officers Quilted Shako

Victorian 1861 Pattern, Rifle Regiment Officers Quilted Shako.

An unidentified Rifle Regiment Officers Quilted Shako. A scarce example of a rifle green cloth over a cork body and top. To the front there is a darkened metal Queen Victoria cypher shako plate, above a patent leather peak and headband. To the top is a dark green ball tuft in darkened socket. The rear of the shako has a darkened metal gorgons head for ventilation. The internal of this rifle regiment officers quilted shako has a black patent leather chinstrap with leather and silk lining. A maker’s mark of “S.W. Silver & Co Cornhill and Bishops gate, London”.

NB: this rifle regiment officers quilted shako, looks grey in the images but is in fact the standard rifle green colour.

Rifle Regiment: is a military unit consisting of a regiment of infantry troops armed with rifles and known as riflemen. While all infantry units in modern armies are typically armed with rifled weapons the term is still used to denote regiments that follow the distinct traditions that differentiated them from other infantry units. Rifles had existed for decades, before the formations of the first rifle regiments, but were initially too slow to load and too unreliable for use as practical weapons for mass issue. With improvements in the designs of rifles, the first rifle regiment was raised very late in the 18th century as armies could now equip entire units of troops with these new weapons in preference to earlier firearms such as muskets. Though rifles still took about twice as long to load as a musket the increase in accuracy and change in tactics more than compensated for this delay. Rifle regiment officers quilted shako.

Fair Condition. there are one or two worn patches on this rifle regiment officers quilted shako, including a few small holes on the top and the patent leather peak has bubbled slightly, the ball tuft holder is loose and could do with tightening. Please study the images carefully.

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