Queens South Africa Medal Nursing Sister

Anglo Boer War Queens South Africa Medal.

Boer War Queens South Africa Medal, Named to (Nursing Sister L. G. Castle). Also Included is a copy of the Medal entitlement.

Also Included with this Queens South Africa medal is a copy of the Medal entitlement.

Queens South Africa Medal: was awarded to all British forces who served in Boer War from the 11th of October 1899. up to the end of the war on the 31st of May 1902. Units from the British Army, Royal Navy, colonial forces from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Cape of Good Hope, the Colony of Natal and “hensoppers” (joiners and collaborators, literally “hands-uppers”) from the South African Republic and Orange Free State, civilians employed in official capacity, war correspondents and non-enlisted men of whatever nationality who drew military pay qualified for the award of the medal. This included those such as the New Zealand 10th Contingent who arrived in Durban in May 1902. but did not fight.
Approximately 178,000. medals were awarded. The medal, without a clasp, was also awarded to troops who guarded Boer prisoners at the prisoner of war camp on the island of Saint Helena. Troops on the Mediterranean islands, however, were awarded the Queen’s Mediterranean Medal, while some personnel on troopships were awarded the Transport Medal.Queens South Africa medal.

Campaign Clasps: Altogether twenty-six clasps were awarded to recipients of the Queens South Africa Medal, to indicate each action and campaign of the Second Boer War. They were authorised in Army Order 94, April 1902. as amended. The official order of wear of all 26 clasps is according to the starting dates of the applicable battle or campaign. Clasps were often presented to recipients loose with the medal or separately at a later date. As a result, such clasps were often lost over time or attached in the wrong order of wear since the recipients either knew no better or did not care.

Condition VF. there is minor edge bruising to this Queens South Africa medal.

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