Luftwaffe Model LKp-S101 Flying Helmet

World War Two, German Warm Weather Aircrew Pattern, Luftwaffe Model LKp-S101 Flying Helmet.

This luftwaffe model LKp-S101 flying helmet is fitted with a grey-green satin lining and sheep skin earphones marked Ln 26602. The external is made of a brownish-grey flecked material with dark brown leather ear housing’s. Long cable and plug marked BLKvFL 27560. two Siemens-Halske throat microphones marked Mi 4b Ln 26779-2. on a leather and chamois lined neck strap, secured with one press stud fastener. This is a very fine example of a luftwaffe model LKp-S101 flying helmet.
Size: (54)  Size: 6 5/8 UK. Size: 6 3/4 US.

N.B. This is for the Luftwaffe Model LKp-S101 flying helmet only. The goggles and oxygen mask are not included in the sale and are for display purposes only.

MODEL. LKP S-101: The same basic pattern as used for the LKp S-100. with the improvements effected as for the LKp W-101, and it was made from the same brownish-grey flecked material lined with grey-green satin. Oval fleece cushions were fitted inside the helmet, over the ears, with plastic inserts tucked inside. Goggle straps and chinstraps were made of leather as were the modified throat microphone neck straps, and the hard rubber earcups were covered in dark brown leather and featured the ridge for goggle retention. As with the LKp W-101. hooks for the three-strap mask were fitted as standard but many were modified to accept the two-strap version. This type of headgear, “Model LKp S101” is a light weight summer or warm environment flying helmet issued to pilots and aircrew of the German Luftwaffe during World War Two. It was also adopted by units of the Italian Royal Air Force. “Regia Aeronautica” flying German aircraft types. Luftwaffe model LKp-S101 flying helmet.

Excellent Condition. this luftwaffe model LKp-S101 flying helmet has been modified from two press studs to one.

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