Kings Own Scottish Borderers Officers Service Dress Cap

Edward VII / George V, Kings Own Scottish Borderers Officers Service Dress Cap.

A superb and very rare, early example. Dark blue melton cloth crown and scarlet piping to the welt. Red, white and blue diced cap band, edged above and below with the same scarlet piping as the welt.
The peak is edged with officers gold braid and supports a correct narrow black patent leather chinstrap, secured by two flat gilt KOSB regimental buttons. To the front of the cap is a superbly detailed officer white metal cap badge. The internal is of a green underside peak with light beige roan leather crown and sweatband, the crown is carrying the gold tooled makers details of Lewis Moses, 65 New Oxford St.
This is a truly fine example of an early Kings Own Scottish Borderers officers service dress cap and worthy of anyone’s collection.
Size: 6 7/8 UK. Size 7 US. Size: 56 cm.

Kings Own Scottish Borderers: The regiment was raised on 18 March 1689 by David Melville, 3rd Earl of Leven to defend Edinburgh against the Jacobite forces of James II. It’s claimed that 800 men were recruited within the space of two hours. The regiment’s first action was at the Battle of Killiecrankie on 27 July 1689. Although this battle was a defeat for the Williamite army, the Jacobite commander, John Graham, 1st Viscount Dundee (Bonnie Dundee), was killed by a volley fired by Leven’s Regiment, bringing an end to James II’s attempt to save his throne in Scotland. The regiment was judged to have performed well and was granted the privilege of recruiting by beat of drum in the City of Edinburgh without prior permission of the provost. For a period it was known as Semphill’s Regiment of Foot, the name under which it fought at the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745 and the Battle of Culloden in 1746. When the British infantry were allocated numerical positions in the ‘line’ of Infantry the regiment was numbered 25th Foot (based on its formation date) in 1751. The regiment fought at the Battle of Minden on 1 August 1759 with five other regiments; this battle honour was celebrated by the regiment each year on 1 August. The 25th was the county regiment of Sussex in 1782 when it became known as the 25th (Sussex) Regiment of Foot.
The regiment was awarded the right to bear the emblem of the Sphinx for their role in the Battle of Alexandria in 1801. Its recruiting area was moved to the Scottish Borders region in 1805 from when the regiment became known as the King’s Own Borderers. During the Second Anglo-Afghan War in 1878 to 1880, the second division was renamed the Khyber Line Force while guarding the lines of communication between Kabul and Peshawar. The regiment became known as the Kings Own Scottish Borderers in 1887. kings own scottish borderers officers service dress cap.

Very Good Condition. this Kings Own Scottish Borderers officers service dress cap maintains a fantastic shape, it has two very, very minor moth nips and the metalwork is slightly dulled.

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