India General Service Medal

28th Bombay Pioneers India General Service Medal

India General Service Medal. one clasp: Chin Lushai. To 706 Pte Luknac Gonac 28th Bo Infy.

India General Service Medal: (1854. IGSM) was a campaign medal approved in 1854. for issue to officers and men of the British and Indian armies. The 1854. General Service Medal was approved on 1 March 1854. It was awarded for various minor military campaigns in India, during 1852. to 1895. Each battle or action covered by the medal was represented by a clasp on the ribbon; 24 were sanctioned, the maximum awarded to one man is thought to be seven. The medal was never issued without a clasp. The medal was initially awarded in silver to all ranks, regardless of race or branch of service. However, starting from 1885. (with the Burma 1885-7 bar) both medal and clasp were issued in bronze to native support personnel such as bearers, sweepers, and drivers. The medal is silver, 1.4 inches in diameter, and was struck at the Royal Mint. It was later issued in bronze for camp followers and native civilians. The obverse bears a left facing effigy of Queen Victoria wearing a diadem and veil. Surrounding the head is the inscription VICTORIA REGINA. India general service medal.

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