German Third Reich NSKK Leaders Kepi

German Third Reich NSKK Leaders Kepi. (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps)

A very fine and scarce German third reich NSKK leaders kepi. The cap is made of a high quality light brown tight weave wool fabric body and stiffened peak with silver piping, the black wool/doeskin band carries the NSKK BeVo woven eagle & swastika and aluminium NSKK button to the front, the black leather chinstrap is held in place by two plain black buttons. The interior of the cap has the standard orange cotton lining, the matching leather sweatband has the RZM label underneath, made by Pekuro. This really is a very nice example of a German third reich NSKK leaders kepi.
Size: 7 UK. Size: 7 1/8 US. Size: 57.

National Socialist Motor Corps: “German: Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps, NSKK”, was a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party that existed from 1931. to 1945. The group was a successor organization to the older National Socialist Automobile Corps, which had existed since the beginning of 1930. The National Socialist Motor Corps was the smallest of the Nazi Party organizations and had originally been formed as a motorized corps of the Sturmabteilung (SA) “Storm Detachment or Assault Division”. On the 20th of July 1934. the group had a membership of approximately 10.000. and was separated from the SA to become an independent organization. The primary aim of the NSKK was to educate its members in motoring skills. They were mainly trained in the operation and maintenance of high performance motorcycles and automobiles. Membership in the NSKK did not require any knowledge of automobiles and the group was known to accept persons for membership without drivers’ licenses. It was thought that it’s rigorous training scheme would make up for any previous lack of knowledge. The NSKK did, however, adhere to Nazi racial doctrine and screened its members for Aryan qualities. The NSKK was also a paramilitary organization with its own system of paramilitary ranks. From 1935. onward, the NSKK also provided training for Panzer crews of the German Army. German third reich NSKK leaders kepi.

Very Good Condition.

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