German Third Reich City Police Shako

Non-commissioned Officer’s German Third Reich City Police Shako.

A very fine example of a German third reich city police shako. “polizei tschako” being of a green wool body. Black patent leather top and front and rear visor, with black leather chinstrap. To the front is a detachable aluminium cockade and large silvered aluminium eagle and swastika on an oak wreath. There is an Erel stamp to the internal black fibre crown which is size stamped (56). Light tan sweatband. Retailed through Robert Lubstein of Berlin. The cockade was manufactured by Josef Feix Söhne and is dated 1941. All in all this is a very nice German third reich city police shako.
Size: 6 7/8 UK Size: 7 US Size: 56cm.

Schutzpolizei: The German third reich city police “schutzpolizei” was the uniformed police of most cities and large towns. State police departments were in charge of protection police, criminal investigation departments (Kripo, short for Kriminalpolizei), and administrative police. The State protection police comprised patrol branch, barracked police, traffic police, water police, mounted police, police communications units, and police aviation. Policemen had to have previous military service, good physical and mental health, be of Aryan descent, and be members of the Nazi Party. Police officers had in addition to be members of the SS. Policemen were promoted according to a regulated career system. Promotion for officers was determined by merit and seniority. The uniformed police of Nazi Germany between 1936 and 1945 was under the direct control of Reichsführer-SS “Heinrich Himmler”. German third reich city police shako.

Ordnungspolizei: “or Orpo” for short were the uniformed regular police force in Nazi Germany between 1936 and 1945. and along with the rural, municipal and city police, it was increasingly absorbed into the Nazi police system. Owing to their green uniforms, they were also referred to as Grüne Polizei (green police). Eventually the Orpo embraced virtually all of the Third Reich’s law-enforcement. German third reich city police shako.

Very Good Condition.

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