German Motorcycle Battalion Visor Cap

Extremely Rare And Early German Motorcycle Battalion Visor Cap.

A very fine private purchase piece of a German Motorcycle Battalion Visor Cap, with an elegant high saddle shape. Made of a fine officers quality brushed tricot wool top with copper-brown piping to the crown welt and above and below the dark green wool felt cap band. Mounted with silvered eagle and national cockade with oak leaves. Black chinstrap on black fibre buttons and black fibre peak. The interior has a light brown leather sweatband with brown cloth liner and celluloid diamond. Size stamped (56 1/2) and date stamped 1936. All in all this is a truly superb example of a German Motorcycle Battalion Visor Cap.
Size: 6 7/8 UK. Size: 7 US.

Kradschützenbataillon: The Germans developed a motorcycle that was specifically designed for off road military operations. There vehicle performed so well and the German high command had so much faith in it that entire infantry battalions were equipped with motorcycles as the principle means of transportation. During the course of World War Two the army went from three german motorcycle battalion to twenty. The typical vehicles of these units and their formations are responsible for the naming of these troops “Kradschützen” “infantry men on motorcycles”. The motorcycles characterised these units and they were often called “cavalry of the new age”. In 1929. a motorcycle infantry company was formed for the first time within the Kraftfahr-Ersatz-Abteilung 6. This action was part of restructuring the motorised troops into motorised combat troops. From 1934/35. a number of motorcycle infantry units were formed, mainly by restructuring the former cavalry regiments. Their mission was described in the field manual dated the 16th of March 1941. as follows. Motorcycle infantry units are especially capable of performing the following tasks.

*Fast taking of important areas.
*Securing of narrow terrain features.
*Fighting against weak enemy forces.
*Surprising attack against enemy flank and rear.
*Pursuit securing and covering own movements of motorised forces.

Over and above that, motorcycle infantry units have also been very effective in reconnaissance and liaison missions. The mission of these type of units was to surprise and outflank the enemy far ahead of it’s own forces, using superiority in movement and speed. Although they only had light equipment and weapon systems, these units were very effective in combat. A characteristic part of this was their tactic of ‘fire and movement’. German motorcycle battalion visor cap. They were mainly organised “Kradschützenbataillon” also they were part of the motorised reconnaissance and armed reconnaissance battalions. During the Second World War these units were organised into mechanised infantry and armoured reconnaissance units. German Motorcycle Battalion Visor Cap.

Very Good Condition. this German Motorcycle Battalion Visor Cap has a nicely aged patina to it. there is a split to the leather sweatband but it still remains nice and supple.

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