Bavarian Reserve Regiment Pickelhaube

German Bayern M-1886 Officer’s Pattern, Bavarian Reserve Regiment Pickelhaube.

A very fine example of the 1896-1914 pattern Bavarian reserve regiment pickelhaube. Black leather skull with a matte dull patina which is often sought after by collectors. The rear peak with strengthening bar and front peak which is edged with gilt metal trim. A gilt cruciform base with officer stars supports the fluted spike. Side mounted Officer pattern cockades support the convex graduated leather backed chin scales. The front of the skull is with a gilt M1914 helmet plate and silver reserve cross. Red and green under-side peaks. Light brown silk lining and sweatband. Housed in its associated black leather helmet case with internal white linen padded lining. This is a truly fine example of a Bavarian reserve regiment pickelhaube.
Size: 7 UK. Size: 7 1/8 US. Size: 57cm.

The. Bavarian Army: was the army of the Electorate 1682-1806 and then Kingdom 1806-1919 of Bavaria. It existed from 1682. as the standing army of Bavaria until the merger of the military sovereignty (Wehrhoheit) of Bavaria into that of the German State in 1919. The Bavarian army was never comparable to the armies of the Great Powers of the 19th century, but it did provide the Wittelsbach dynasty with sufficient scope of action, in the context of effective alliance politics, to transform Bavaria from a territorially-disjointed small state to the second-largest state of the German Empire after Prussia. Bavarian reserve regiment pickelhaube.

Very Good Condition. this Bavarian reserve regiment pickelhaube is in untouched original condition. Straight from the family ownership. Quite a rare item in this condition.

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