3rd Battalion Black Watch Glengarry

Other Ranks Pattern, 3rd Battalion Black Watch Glengarry.

A nice example of a dark blue crown and body and a red pom pom. Black silk lower strapping, sweatband, tails and badge backing, the latter with white metal 3rd battalion black watch glengarry badge.
Size: 6 3/4 UK Size: 6 7/8 US.

Black Watch: The source of the regiment’s name is uncertain but they were part of the Highland Watch originally raised on the orders of Charles II in 1667 but later disbanded. George II caused them to be recreated in 1725. following the rebellion of 1715. and used them to calm the troubled Highlands of Scotland. The government issue tartan they were required to wear was dark and may have contributed to the name they were given locally, which was Am Freiceadan Dubh (Gaelic m. The Black Watch), but it is also possible that the name was given by those who claimed its recruits had “black hearts” for siding with the “enemies of true Highland spirit”, or that it derived from their original duty in policing the Highlands, namely preventing ‘blackmail’ (Highlanders demanding extortion payments to spare cattle herds). The Watch was brought into the British regimental system on the 25th of October 1739. on the orders of George II after much discussion over many years with the military hierarchy who admired Highlanders for their fighting prowess but were still suspicious of their loyalty. The new regiment consisted of six companies (later augmented to 10) and was numbered the 43rd Regiment of Foot (later promoted to the 42nd) but continued to be known by their more familiar name, the Black Watch. In 1881. when the 42nd amalgamated with the 73rd Regiment of Foot, the new regiment was named “The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)”. 3rd battalion black watch glengarry.

Good Condition. this 3rd battalion black watch glengarry has a small hole on the fold of the crown.

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