2nd Pattern WW2 Glider Pilots Wings

A Scarce Brevet, 2nd Pattern WW2 Glider Pilots Wings.

This 2nd pattern ww2 glider pilots wings, are of an embroidered grey blue brevet, with seventeen feathers per wing, yellow ‘G’ within a yellow circle all set on a black woollen Melton cloth ground. With a khaki Hessian/Jute backing. Nice untouched 2nd pattern ww2 glider pilots wings.

NB: The glider pilot regiment was part of the british airborne forces.

Operation Deadstick 6th of June 1944: Responsibility for the operation fell to the men of ‘D’ Company, 2nd (Airborne) Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, part of the 6th Airborne Division. The assault group comprised a reinforced company of six infantry platoon and an attached platoon of Royal Engineers. They flew from the south of England to Normandy in six Airspeed Horsa Gliders. Through what was later described as the “most outstanding flying achievements of the war”, the gliders delivered the company to their objective. After a brief fire fight, both bridges were captured within minutes of landing, then successfully defended against tank, gun boat and infantry counter-attacks until the company relief arrived. A nice example of what is now a hard to find 2nd pattern ww2 glider pilots wings.

Good Condition. a pair of nice untouched 2nd pattern ww2 glider pilots wings.very slight fading.

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