1st Royal Lanark Militia Shako Plate

Victorian Officer’s 1855 French Shako Pattern, 1st Royal Lanark Militia Shako Plate.

A very fine and rare example of a 1st royal Lanark militia shako plate. Silver metal back plate featuring a Victoria crowned star bearing a title circlet “1st Royal Lanark Militia”, to the domed centre is a triple headed thistle spray. The bottom star point has been officially shortened for use on the 1861 shako. This is now a very hard to find example of a 1st royal Lanark militia shako plate. There are two fixing loops to the reverse.

The 1st Royal Lanark Militia: lineage goes back to the year of 1798. In 1802. it was renamed the Royal Lanark Militia and became the 1st Royal Lanark Militia in the year of 1854 and was based largely around Glasgow with their headquarters in Hamilton. The Regiment saw action during the Crimean War from the February of 1855. to the June of 1856. It also served in India’s First War of Independence “Indian Mutiny” during the period from the October of 1857. to the June of 1860. As part of the Childers reforms of 1881 militia regiments became reserve battalions of the new regiments. The 1st Royal Lanark Militia was designated as the 3rd (Militia) Battalion, Highland Light Infantry. 1st Royal Lanark Militia Shako Plate.

United Kingdom Militia: the militia of the United Kingdom were the military reserve forces. After the Union in 1801. of the former Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland the militia was transformed into the Special Reserve by the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act of 1907. Although muster rolls were prepared as late as 1820. the element of compulsion was abandoned, and the militia was transformed into a volunteer force.It was intended to be seen as an alternative to the army. 1st Royal Lanark Militia Shako Plate.

Good Condition. there are a few minor fractures to the title circlet of this 1st royal Lanark militia shako plate, which seem to have been stabilised from the back, the repair cannot be seen.

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