Leicestershire Regiment Belt Clasp

Victorian Officer’s 1855 Pattern, 17th Leicestershire Regiment Belt Clasp.

A fine example of the 1855 pattern 17th Leicestershire Regiment Belt Clasp, which has matching benchmarks to both halves. The female outer circlet is inscribed with the regiments name “Leicestershire Regiment”. The male side of the clasp has a fine seeded gilt centre mounted with a silver Victoria crown over a slender Royal Tiger with the number “17” below. The clasp is described and illustrated in the book “Officers Waist Belt Clasps 1855-1902” by Lelia .B. Ryan (page 7) A very fine and scarce silver and gilt 17th Leicestershire Regiment Belt Clasp.

Leicestershire Regiment: On the 27th of September 1688. a commission was issued to Colonel Solomon Richards to raise a regiment of foot. From 1688. to 1751. the regiment was known by the name of its various colonels. The regiment saw service in the Flanders from 1694. to 1697. before moving to Ireland. In 1701. the regiment moved to the continent of Europe, and took part in the War of the Spanish Succession. In 1709. the unit returned to England, moving to Minorca in 1725. In 1751. a royal warrant assigned numbers to the regiments of the line, and the unit became the 17th Regiment of Foot. It saw service during the French and Indian War at Louisbourg in 1758. Ticonderoga in 1759. and in Caribbean engagements in 1761. and 1762. Following that war it also saw duty during Pontiac’s Rebellion before eventually returning to England in 1767 The 17th were again in service during the American War of Independence, landing in Boston on New Year’s Day 1776. The regiment’s performance at the Battle of Princeton was commemorated with the addition of an unbroken laurel wreath to its insignia. 17th Leicestershire Regiment Belt Clasp.

Very Good Condition. this 17th Leicestershire Regiment Belt Clasp has some slight polishing to the tigers high points.

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