13th Hussars Cavalry Regiment Tunic

Victorian Officer’s ”Experimental Pattern” 13th Hussars Cavalry Regiment Tunic.

A very nice and extremely rare 13th hussars cavalry regiment tunic, having white cuffs as well as the regulation white collar. Dark blue Melton cloth, the collar edged with gold “Vandyke” lace. On each side in front, six loops of chain gimp forming eyes and double drops with gold worked caps and olivette fastenings. A double row of chain gimp, traced with Russia braid on each back seam forming a trefoil at the top and an Austrian knot below the waist, an Austrian knot on each sleeve. Plaited chain gimp shoulder-cords with two Lieutenant rank stars in silver embroidery. All in all this is a very nice 13th hussars cavalry regiment tunic.

Jacket Size: Chest 37” to 38”.
Waist 29” to 30”.
Shoulder to Shoulder 16”.
Top of Collar to Bottom of Jacket 27”.
Top of Sleeve to Bottom of Sleeve 24 1/4”.

NB: This appears to be the only known example of a British regular hussar tunic with coloured cuffs. Of the three Yeomanry regiments who wore the color combination of blue uniform, white facings and gold lace in, or after, 1900, it seems that none adopted this style. Known as the Lilywhites, the 13th Hussars Cavalry Regiment displayed white not only on the tunic collar but also on overall stripes, sabretache, busby-bag and plume. The regiment had previously also worn white cuffs until their conversion from Light Dragoons in 1861. 13th hussars cavalry regiment tunic.

13th Hussars Cavalry Regiment: previously the 13th Light Dragoons, was a cavalry regiment of the British Army whose battle honours include Waterloo and The Charge of the Light Brigade. The 13th Light Dragoons were initially heavy dragoons known as Richard Munden’s Regiment of Dragoons. By 1751 the regiment title was simplified to the 13th Regiment of Dragoons and by 1783 they had been converted to the light role. In 1861 the regiment changed its name to the 13th Hussars and in 1922 it amalgamated with the 18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own) to form the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own). 13th hussars cavalry regiment tunic.

Very Good Condition. this 13th hussars cavalry regiment tunic appears to have had a partial replacement silk lining at some point and there was one very, very tiny hole to the left sleeve this has now been professionally repaired.

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