105th Madras Light Infantry Helmet Plate

Victorian Officer’s 1878 Blue Cloth Home Service Pattern, 105th Madras Light Infantry Helmet Plate.

A rare example of a 105th Madras Light Infantry Helmet Plate, comprising of a rich gilt eight pointed star, the topmost point displaced by a Victoria crown. Surmounted on the star is a gilt laurel wreath and to the centre is a coiled bugle horn nestling on sprays of laurel and palm. The centre of the horn has floral numerals “105” on a ground of black velvet and the curl of the horn is inscribed “Madras Light Infantry”. There is a scroll at the bottom of the leaf sprays with the regimental motto “Cede Nullis”. A very fine and now hard to find 105th Madras Light Infantry Helmet Plate. There are three fixing loops to the reverse.

105th Madras Light Infantry Regiment of Foot: This regiment’s origins lie in the 2nd Madras Europeans, an East India Company unit formed in 1766. from non-Indian troops. In 1774. this absorbed parts of the 3rd Madras European Regiments and was renamed the 2nd Madras European Regiment. In 1799 the regiment was disbanded but in 1824. it re-formed again as the 2nd Battalion of a new Madras European Regiment. In 1830. the Madras European Regiment became a single battalion unit. This was renamed the 1st Madras European Regiment in 1839. and later became the 102nd Foot in the British Army. 1839 also saw the raising of a new independent 2nd Madras European Regiment by Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Brown-Dyce at Arnee. In 1842 it became a light infantry unit. In 1856 the regiment was sent to Burma, but the following year it returned to India during the Indian Mutiny of 1857-59. In 1858 it joined other East India Company European units when they were placed under the command of the Crown. The regiment was originally raised by the Honourable East India Company in 1839. 105th Madras Light Infantry Helmet Plate.

Excellent Condition.

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