Flexi Pay The Flexible Way To Pay

Flexi Pay

The Military Campaign Flexi Pay “The Flexible Way To Pay”.

Due to the current economic climate, we are all having to tighten are belt’s “me included”.
So to help ease the financial burden and to help you to carry on your military collecting I am introducing Flexi Pay.
Flexi Pay helps you spread the cost of your purchase over a 6 monthly period, paying bi-monthly instalments, that’s one payment every two months.
You can decide how much you want to pay over the three instalments, as long as the final balance is paid on the third and final instalment.
Example: Hampshire Regiment Officers Helmet Plate, purchase price £450. Three bi-monthly instalments of £150, total = £450 OR One bi-monthly instalment of £100, One bi-monthly instalment of £200 and a final bi-monthly instalments of £150, total = £450, “you decide”
Just let me know via the contacts page the item you wish to purchase and as soon as I have received your first instalment your item will be reserved. It will then be held until your final instalment is paid. The item will then be shipped to you, it’s as easy as that and there’s NO extra cost to you.
You are quite welcome to settle the balance before the six months period is up, if you wish.

N.B.  Flexi Pay can only be used on items with a purchase price of £200 and above.
The minimum bi-monthly instalment is £50.00.
Items purchased using Flexi Pay will be kept in our possession and safe keeping until the final payment has been made and cleared into our account. If a client decides to change their mind during the course of the six months, all funds paid will be returned to you the client. (please note, no money will be returned after the six month period is up).
There is no interest or extra charges associated with Flexi Pay, as it is purely intended as a facility to help collectors purchase higher priced items.

Flexi Pay can be used by clients from the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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