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Welcome to The Military Campaign Website.  Telephone: 01544 232772 – 00 44 1544 232772 (International)

A Military Antiques Shop, aimed at both the serious collector and hobbyist alike.
To make the website easier to navigate you will find just six categories.
British & American Aviation, Belt & Helmet Plates, German Militaria, Helmets & Headgear, Medals & Pictures and Uniforms & Accoutrements
Within these categories you should find everything you need to build and enhance your collection.
We are open for business at The Military Campaign 7 days a week 08:00am to 10:00pm.
I will explain the condition of each item as accurately as possible and where possible I will supply dates.
Please feel free to browse and if you have any comments about the website ‘good or bad’ please get in touch via the Contacts Page.

If you are from the United Kingdom shipping is free, so the price you see is the price you pay.
If you are from outside the United Kingdom please see the relevant section in the Payment Information page.
I do hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for your time.
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Military Campaign

A Military campaign: denotes the time during which a given military force conducts combat operations in a given area. The military campaign may be executed by either a single Armed Service, or as a combined services campaign conducted by land, naval, air, cyber and space forces. The purpose of the military campaign is to achieve a particular desired resolution of a military conflict as its strategic goal. This is constrained by resources, geography and season. The military campaign is a phase of a war involving a series of operations related in time and space and aimed towards a single, specific, strategic objective or result in the war. The military campaign may include a single battle, but more often it comprises a number of battles over a protracted period of time or a considerable distance, but within a single theatre of operations or delimited area. The military campaign may last only a few weeks, but usually lasts several months or even a year.

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