60th Royal American Regiment of Foot
60th Royal American Regiment of Foot

60th Royal American Regiment of Foot

An extremely rare 2nd Battalion, 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot Button. Approx 16mm in Diameter.
The Obverse showing a Royal Crown surmounting the Roman Numerals LX (60) this in turn surmounting the number “2” all within a strap inscribed “Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense” (Shamed be he who thinks evil of it)
This is a one piece button with a loop shank, back marked S. FIRMIN STRAND.
The photo’s really do not do this button justice.

The 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot, better known under its later name, The King's Royal Rifle Corps, has long been associated with Canada After Braddock's defeat by the French and Indians in 1755, authority was granted to raise a regiment of four battalions to be recruited in Germany and from German colonists in North America. The regiment was named the 62nd, or Royal American, Regiment of Foot; but it was redesignated the 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot in February 1757. Recruiting for the Royal Americans in North America was disappointing, and more than half its strength was drafted from men rejected by British regiments in Ireland. From this unlikely collection of foreigners and cast-offs was fashioned one of the most renowned corps of the British Army.
In 1758, the 2nd and 3rd battalions were assigned to the forces of General Amherst for operations in eastern Canada. Both battalions were present at the capture of Louisbourg, and moved on to Quebec with Wolfe the following year. The performance of the 60th at Montmorency Falls on 31 July 1753 won the regimental motto Celer et Audax (Swift and Bold) from General Wolfe.

Excellent Condition.

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