WW2 Luftwaffe Anti-Splinter Flying Goggles

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WW2 Luftwaffe Anti-Splinter Flying Goggles WW2 Luftwaffe Anti-Splinter Flying Goggles

WW2 Luftwaffe Anti-Splinter Flying Goggles

Last pattern, three piece black bakelite frames with hinged nose bridge, brown tinted type-A anti-splinter lenses and adjustable elasticised strap, manufactured by Nitsche & Günther, contained in their original tin case marked Flieger-Splitterschutzbrille
mit Ultrasin-Glasern A
FL Nr 30550

Anti-splinter glass had been in use since WWI when the Triplex company in England had developed 3-layer safety glass for allied airmen. Since 1930, German aviators had used similar lenses in their goggles.
For some time prior to the outbreak of WWII, the firm of Nitsche & Gunther had been experimenting with a convex safety lens which would provide a wide angle of vision while retaining a uniform, minimal thickness. The resulting design was originally issued in the form of sunglasses and comprised a rigid, one-piece, molded black plastic frame with conventional spectacle arms. Later, the arms were replaced with an elasticized headband. The final modification to the Nitsche & Gunther anti-splinter gogglescame in 1944 when the frame was manufactured in three sections, hinged either side of the nose for a more comfortable fit, and retaining the elasticized strap. Nitsche & Gunther anti-splinter goggles were issued with clear and ultrasin tinted lenses.

N.B. this is for the goggles only, the flying helmet and oxygen mask are for display purposes only.

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