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India General Service Medal Group Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Queens South Africa Medal Gloucester Regiment
Queens South Africa Medal Lancashire Fusiliers
Queens South Africa Medal Worcester Regiment
Queens South Africa Medal Royal Navy
Queens South Africa Medal Royal Field Artillery
Queens South Africa Medal Natal Mounted Rifles
Queens South Africa Medal Pair Devon Regiment
India Medal Group Seaforth Highlanders
Crimea Medal 1st Battalion Rifles
Indian Mutiny Medal Royal Horse Artillery
Queens South Africa Medal Nursing Sister
World War 2 RAF Medals and Flying Log Book

Belt & Helmet Plates
Liverpool Regiment
Suffolk Regiment
3rd Royal Lancashire (The Duke of Lancaster’s Own) Militia
17th (Leicestershire) Regiment
Warwickshire Regiment
Royal West Kent Regiment
72nd Duke of Albany’s Shoulder Belt Plate
The Royal Sussex Regiment Belt Clasp
Stamford Volunteer Rifle Corps Belt Clasp
Stamford Volunteer Rifle Corps Pouch Belt Plate
Herefordshire Regiment Shoulder Belt Plate
Somerset Militia Shako Plate
Somerset Militia Waist Belt Clasp
British Auxiliary Legion Shoulder Belt Plate
British Auxiliary Legion Gorget
Lancers Chapska Plate
Duke of Cambridge’s Own Lancers Lance Cap Plate
Queens Royal Lancers Chapska Plate
Prince of Wales Lancers Chapska Plate
Queen’s Lancers Chapska Plate
Royal Irish Lancers Chapska Plate
London Rifle Brigade Helmet plate
Hampshire Regiment Helmet Plate
108th Madras Infantry Helmet Plate
Royal Berkshire Regiment Helmet Plate
Middlesex Regiment Helmet Plate
Oxfordshire Light Infantry Helmet Plate
Cheshire Regiment Helmet Plate
King’s Own Scottish Borderers Helmet Plate
1st C.B. Kings Royal Rifles Pouch Belt Plate
Royal Scots Shoulder Belt Plate
Bedfordshire Regiment Waist Belt Clasp
Earl of Ulster’s Own Regiment Shako Plate
West Surrey Regiment Helmet Plate
Hungerford Troop R.B.Y.C Helmet Plate
Worcestershire Regiment Helmet Plate
105th Madras Light Infantry Helmet Plate
Bedfordshire Regiment Helmet Plate
East Surrey Regiment Helmet Plate
Royal Lancashire Militia pouch belt plate
Black Watch Royal Highlanders Shoulder belt plate
Surrey Regiment Waist Belt Clasp
Surrey Militia Waist Belt Clasp
Seaforth Highlanders Waist Belt Plate
Surrey Rifle Shako plate
Yorkshire Light Infantry
The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
The Royal Scots 1st Regiment
1st Fifeshire Rifle Volunteers
Durham Light Infantry
Household Cavalry
Royal West Kent Regiment
1st Sussex Artillery
Cinque Ports Artillery Volunteers
Orkney Artillery Volunteers
1st Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers
Kings Ryal Riffle Corps
113th Birmingham Volunteers
King's Own Light Infantry South Yorkshire Regiment
South Staffordshire Regiment
Sherwood Foresters Derbyshire Regiment
1st Volunteer Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
3rd Militia Battalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
South Staffordshire Regiment
2nd Royal Tower Hamlets Militia
13th First Somersetshire Light Infantry
First Middlesex Rifle Volunteers
London Scottish
9th Lancashire Rifle Vounteers
9th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers
Hampshire Artillery Volunteers
65th 2nd Yorkshire North Riding Regiment
Duke of Lancaster's Yeomanry
Lincolnshire Regiment
Lincolnshire 2nd Volunteers
Edinburgh Militia
Scots Guards
11th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers
37th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers
St Giles & St George's Bloomsbury
Victoria & St George's Rifles
Gloucestershire Regiment 

Badges & Buttons
Cheshire Regiment
Staffordshire Regiment
Royal Highland Regiment
Devonshire Regiment of Foot
Northumberland Fusiliers
Kent Regiment
Life Guards
Somerset Prince Albert's Light Infantry
Welch Regiment
Monmouthshire Regiment
Northamptonshire Regiment
Queens Own Regiment
Shropshire Regiment
Norfolk Regiment
Essex Regiment
Nottinghamshire Regiment
Surrey Regiment
Middlesex Regiment
Highland Regiment
Prince of Wales Regiment
York and Lancaster Regiment
Royal Bengal Fusiliers
Royal Madras Fusiliers
Bengal Light Infantry
Royal Flying Corps Pilots Wings
Army Air force Wings
London Rifle Brigade
Worcestershire Militia
Irish Fusiliers
Perthshire Volunteers
Argyllshire Highlanders Regiment
Gordon Highlanders Regiment
Sutherland Highlanders Regiment
Derbyshire Regiment
Rifle Brigade Regiment
Horse Guards
Middlesex Rifles
Yorkshire Regiment
Grenadier Guards
Welsh Guards
Scots Guards
Worcestershire Regiment
6th Dragoon Guards Carabiniers
5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards
7th Queen's Own Hussars
15th The King's Hussars
4th Queen's Own Hussars
3rd (Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards
7th (The Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards
20th Hussars
Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
Highland Light Infantry
Scots Guards
Northamptonshire Regiment
19th Green Howards
Middlesex Regiment
Royal Welch Fusiliers
Suffolk Regiment
Rifle Brigade
Cambridgeshire Regiment
Dorset Regiment
York and Lancaster Regiment
Cameronians Scottish Rifles
Gloucestershire Regiment
Royal Norfolk Regiment
Royal Scots Lothian Regiment
The Prince of Wales's Own West Yorkshire Regiment
Devonshire Regiment
Queen's Royal Regiment West Surrey
Royal Hampshire Regiment
Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Pincess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment
East Yorkshire Regiment
55th Coke's Rifles  Frontier Force
1st Assam Rifles
8th King George's Own Light Cavalry
Indian Assault Pioneers
6th Duke of Connaughts Own Lancers
Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides
4th Rajput Regiment
2nd Punjab Regiment
45th Rattray's Sikhs
17th Dogra Regiment
59th Sinde Rifles Frontier Force
8th Punjab Rergiment
Royal Indian Army Service Corps
Royal Pakistan Army Service Corps
34th Poona Horse
2/15 Punjab Regiment
4th Duke of Cambridge's Own Hodson's Horse
Royal Indian Artillery
Royal Pakistan Artillery
9th Madras Native Infantry
Governor General's Body Guard
Baluch/Baloch Regiment
Rajputana Rifles
14th Prince of Wales's Own Scinde Horse
1st Battalion Hyderabad Infantry
101st Grenadiers
12th Frontier Force
14th Punjab Regiment
Sikh Light Infantry
1st Punjab Regiment
16th Punjab Regiment
4th Bombay Grenadiers
Frontier Force Regiment
3rd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment
Royal Regiment of Irish Artillery
60th Royal American Regiment
Loyal Worcestershire Volunteers
29th Worcestershire Regiment
36th Herefordshire Regiment
5th Battalion Royal Scots of Canada
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
Royal Winnipeg Rifles
Prince Albert Volunteer Rifles
150th Battalion Carabiniers Mont-Royal Regiment
Royal Canadian Dragoons
Royal Regiment of Canada
27th City of Winnipeg Battalion
Stormont Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
138th Edmonton Alberta Overseas Battalion
134th Battalion 48th Highlanders
Canadian Engineers
161st Huron Battalion
Saskatoon Light Infantry
Hampshire Regiment Glengarry
13th Somerset Light Infantry
3rd West York Light Infantry
11th North Devon Regiment
23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Royal Irish Rifles
Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry
Devonshire Regiment
Border Regiment
4th Volunteers Hampshire Regiment
Lincolnshire Regiment
Staffordshire Artillery
Canterbury Volunteers 

Helmets & Headgear
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Royal Flying Corps
Flying Helmet
Irish Guards
Home Service Helmet
Essex Yeomanry
Honourable Artillery Company
5th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment
Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Notts and Derby Sherwood Foresters
Alexandra Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment
Royal Horse Artillery
Imperial German Feldmutze
Gloucestershire Regiment Busby
Royal Ulster Rifles Caubeen
Highland Light Infantry Glengarry
Black Watch Glengarry
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Glengarry
Medical Staff Corps
Scots Guards Forage Cap
Women's Royal Navy Service
Royal Fusiliers Forage Cap
56th Salford Rifles
Lancashire Rifle Volunteers
WW2 German KriegsmarineTellermutze
Durham Light Infantry Forage Cap
Fife Light Horse
Royal Military College
Cameronians Shako
8th King's Royal Irish Hussars
US M1 Combat Helmet
Welsh Guards Bearskin
MkII Tommy Helmet
Lanarkshire Volunteers
Royal Scots Fusiliers
4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards
Queen's Dragoon Guards
Royal Dragoon Guards
WW2 Japanese Sun Helmet
WW1 USMC Service Dress Cap
RAF Full Dress Busby
Bayern (Bavarian) Pickelhaube
German Infantry NCO's Schirmmutz (Visor Cap)
Cavalry Officers Schirmmutz (Visor Cap)
German Third Reich Police Shako
Wiltshire Regiment Home Service Helmet 
2nd Volunteer Battalion Cameronians Home Service Helmet
1st Volunteer Battalion East Kent Rifles Home Service Helmet
WW2 German Third Reich Police Officers Schiffen
WW1 Royal Marine Light Infantry Denim Trench Cap
Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry Officer's Helmet
WW1 General Officers Service Dress Cap

Royal Air Force Pilots Wings
Air Bomber’s Wing
Signaler Wing
Air Gunner Wing
Navigator Wing
Engineer Wing
Observer Wing
Squadron Leader
Flight Lieutenant
United States Air Force
United States Army Air Force
Royal Navy Wings
Fleet Air Arm C-Type Flying Helmet
G-Type Flying Helmet
B-Type Flying Helmet
E-Type Flying Helmet
C-Type Flying Helmet
D-Type Flying Helmet
G-Type Oxygen Mask
H-Type Oxygen Mask
J-Type Oxygen Mask
E-Type Oxygen Mask
D-Type Oxygen Mask
Luftwaffe LKp W-101 Winter Flying Helmet
WW2 Glider Pilot Wings
RAF MkIVB Flying Goggles
USAAF A-14 Oxygen Mask
USAAF A-11 Flying Helmet
USAAF A-6530 Flying Goggles
WW2 USAAF Officers Crusher Cap
WW2 RAF Officers Cap
WW2 USAAF Officers Tunic
Luftwaffe LKpS-100 Flying Helmet
Luftwaffe LKpN-101 Flying Helmet
Luftwaffe LKpS-101 Flying Helmet
Luftwaffe Anti-Splinter Flying Goggles
Optical Sky Lookout Goggles
USAAF Tropical Peaked Service Dress Cap
USAAF Uniform
RAF Battledress
RAF Battle Dress
RAF Uniform
RAF MkIVB Short Loop Flying Goggles
RAF MkVII Flying Goggles
RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles
USAAF Headset
USN Headset
USAAF Throat Mic
Sun Glasses
Luftwaffe Oxygen Mask
Luftwaffe 295 Flying Goggles
Luftwaffe Summer Schirmmutz (Visor Cap)

Royal Observer Corps
Duke of Edinburgh's Own Rifles
London Yeomanry Rough Riders
Mess Dress
12th Prince of Wales's Royal Lancers
Royal Army Medical Corps
Rifle Brigade Prince Consort's Own
WW1 Royal Engineers
Home Guard
13th Hussars
West Kent Regiment 
Duke of Lancaster's Yeomanry
Shropshire Yeomanry
Queen's Own West Kent Regiment
Scots Guards
33rd Middlesex Home Guard
London Rifle Brigade
Queen's Regiment of Edinburgh County Militia
Royal Gloucestershire Hussars

Crimean War
Boer War
World War 1
World War 2
Cold War
Vietnam War
Korean War
Military Campaign
Royal Navy
Royal Air Force
Royal Flying Corps
United States Air Force
United States Army Air Force
Officers Helmet Plate
Other Ranks Helmet Plate
OR's Helmet Plate
Officers Shoulder Belt Plate
Other Ranks Shoulder Belt Plate
OR's Shoulder Belt Plate
Officers Pouch Belt Plate
Other Ranks Pouch Belt Plate
OR's Pouch Belt Plate
Battle Dress
Lance Corporal
Colour Sergeant
Sergeant Major
Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonal
Major General
Lieutenant General
Field Marshal
Pilot Officer
Flight Lieutenant
Squadron Leader
Wing Commander
Group Captain
Air Commodore
Air Vice Marshal
Air Marshal
Air Chief Marshal
Marshal Of The Royal Air Force
Goodwood Revival Festival
Goodwood Vintage Fashion
Helmet Plate
Shoulder Belt Plate




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